As a Warren resident and teacher in its educational community I  have a dual allegiance to our township's schools. I am most impressed by the high integrity of candidates Paige Albano, Andrea Freijomil and Desiree Denourie (P-A-D); and I am proud to continue to endorse these candidates for the Warren Board of Education. 

     These three highly accomplished women are committed to doing what is best in the interest of our children and our township.  They each believe that the voices of our community must be heard as the Board of Education faces the issue of declining enrollment.  These three women are seeking town-wide opinion, regardless of demographic, because they genuinely value the thoughts  and beliefs of our residents.  

     Twenty-first century learning requires collaboration – as does 21st century problem-solving.  If elected, Paige, Andrea and Desiree will welcome and respect your input.  A vote for these three candidates is a vote for YOUR voice to be heard and respected, now and in the future.  Please vote for Paige, Andrea and Desiree this Tuesday, November 3rd.

Wendy Piller