WARREN, NJ - The Watchung Hills Board of Education and the Teachers’ Association have reached a tentative agreement in contract negotiations. In an update at the Board of Education meeting this week, Board Attorney Paul Green said, “I’m pleased to announce we reached a tentative agreement with the Teacher’s Association."
The agreement has not yet been finalized, so Green could not provide details at the meeting.
A sinkhole that has made one of the Mountain Avenue fields unusable was another topic of discussion.
“We dug deeper into the issue, and the earliest  the field could be ready for is in the fall of 2016,” said Board Vice-President Gregory Przybylski.

Pryzbylski explained that it is not a pressing issue at the moment, because a decision only needs to be made before the summer when grass can start growing.
Board member Gerry Binder had previously reported that repair costs to the field could be in the $150,000 to $200,000 range.