Will Mahon volunteered at The Bounce Factory during his final year at Watchung Hills Regional High School through the special needs program.  Will is currently 23 and has autism.  It is obvious to all who know him that he loves children and loves giving and sharing toys with them.  After he graduated he was hired by The Bounce Factory for special events during the year.  He has a love of costumes and a love to build. 
A month ago Will approached one of the owners and said he had an idea for an event.  He had drawn a diagram of how he proposed things would go.  He arrived the day before his event with bins and bins of toys, trains, books, movies and all things Thomas the Train.  He spent 5 hours setting up his massive display.  
On Friday May 13th, Will arrived dressed as Mr. Conductor and he greeted the 30 children who came to play.  The parents and kids loved the displays.  Many cried because they did not want to leave.  Will loved it the most because he was able to share his toys with children.
Last summer Will built a K’nex display in his driveway and he raised over $500 for Camp Jotoni.  People were in awe of his work.
Will’s next event will be a K’nex toddler event where Mr. Conductor will transform himself to Will the Knexpert and will be dressed as the Ring Leader.  Again he will spend hours putting together a massive display of roller coasters, robots and machines for the children to enjoy.
It will be a 2 day event on Wednesday and Thursday June 15-16th from 10-1:00.
For more information or if you would like to attend please call 908-647-5867.