As was previously reported, the Township has been hit particularly hard with tree damage, Township-wide.

We are currently prioritizing the tree-work that DPW can do (trees that are NOT involved in wires) as well as continuing to plow. Please be patient. We have a small department that has been working very hard and has much work to do ahead.

Please note the following:

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If you have a tree (either Township owned or personal) that is on wires, whether you have power or not, please call your power company.  The Township cannot touch a tree that is involved in wires.

If you have a Township-owned tree that is down and blocking a roadway that is NOT in the wires, please call 732-968-1023 x6602. 

If you have a tree that is down that you own, you may cut the tree.  We are still working our debris collection plan, so information on that will be forthcoming. 


WARMING/CHARGING STATION - Town Hall (2nd floor) is open as a warming/charging station for those that need it.  111 Greenbrook Road, to be accessed off of Washington Avenue and Greenbrook Road.

Township Offices are CLOSED.  We do have staff checking voicemails and prioritizing calls and problems as they come in, but the offices are closed.