WARREN, NJ - UPDATE: Warren Police say, "Our furry buddy from last night has been released from jail. He has been returned to his family and our prosecutor has agreed to drop all charges against him. Turns out it was a case of mistaken identity. Crime scene detectives worked hard throughout the day and determined his "paw prints" did not much those from the scene. Again, thank you all for sharing this post! "





Do you know this dog? The Warren Township Police Department posted last night that they had this dog under arrest and," He is currently being held without bail at our station. He was caught jaywalking near the intersection of Mt. Horeb Rd and Partridge Run without a doggy collar. He's not very happy with us and anxious to get released tonight so if he belongs to you, contact us at 908-753-1000. Please share!"


This morning, "Here is an updated mugshot of our perp from last night. So far he's received a bologna sandwich, a few biscuits and a tall glass of water. Please keep sharing!"


Contact the police department at 908-753-1000 with any information.