WARREN, NJ - Township Attorney Jeffrey Lehrer provided an update on affordable housing at the last meeting of the Township Committee.

Lehrer said, "It is likely that because of our actions and how well we’ve complied, that the township’s immunity will be extended throughout at least July of this year."

“We have complied with each and every requirement, every item,” said Lehrer. “We met with all interested parties and we submitted the township’s position on compliance issues.”

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A committee including Mayor George Lazo, Deputy Mayor Carolann Garafola and Michael "Mick" Marion, has been formed to help identify options. 

“We will aggressively protect our township and do what we can throughout this. The committee created to help this cause, with Deputy Mayor Carolann Garafola and Michael Marion, have been working very hard to ensure Warren’s safety from this," Lazo said.

Committee Member Victor Sordillo said, "I’ve never seen two harder workers between Mick and George working on this. We had some creative solutions and I’m so proud to work with such talented people who think outside of the box. They’ve come up with solutions that even the judge hasn’t thought of. We’re here to protect you and believe me, we are working very hard to do so.”

"What’s most comforting is that you’re engaged in the process," Lehrer said. "You’re interested, we’re having good discussions, and as the township attorney, I appreciate it.”

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