WARREN, NJ - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has declared a State of Emergency. Schools are closed. Warren and municipalities throughout the area have alerted residents to stay home.

Looking  to add some fun to those cooped up at home watching the snow, the Warren forum for the last four or five years has announced a snow guessing contest. The contest is to guess the correct snow accumulation total.

Since this is a predicted blizzard some new twists apply.

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1. How much snow, in inches, do you guess, will be measured once Stella finishes its snow dump on Warren Township?  

For this contest, also add an M&M's candy COLOR. (for example 5.25" brown)

2. A blizzard needs extra fun. SO instead of one measurer, on arguably the least snowy driveway in Warren, for this storm five WTCF official "Stella" snow measurers across the town have been engaged.


3. A blizzard deserves two winners. - the average of all 5 measurements - the median of all 5 measurements and a tie-breaker, what color M&M will Judy Weiniger randomly pick out of bag?

Final tie-breaker. The person who guesses first wins. This creates a dilemma. Guessing early gives you a big advantage in a tie breaker but waiting may give you more information about the storm.

All guesses must be posted (no editing) by 9 a.m. Tuesday morning in the Warren Township Community Forum Facebook group under the 2017 Stella Blizzard Guessing Game post.