WARREN, NJ - According to her Rising Star biography, April Lockhart will be a freshman at Fashion Institute of Technology this fall, usually lives in Nashville, Tenn. and is from Warren.

Lockhart, who was featured on ABC's "Rising Star" TV show on Sunday, has amniotic band syndrome which left her with no left hand. She plays guitar and ukulele with a small prosthetic to hold her pic which she calls her “birdie.” She hopes to inspire people through music to be unique. 

Although her parents tried to work with prosthetic doctors and specialists, she resisted wearing a prosthetic arm. As a young child, this brought challenges that most children never face, such as tying her shoes, getting dressed, typing, and playing sports. In seventh grade, Lockhart began playing guitar, taking piano lessons, and started writing songs. 
“Rising Star” revolves around real-time live voting by viewers to determine which singers advance through the various rounds. According to the “Rising Star” rulebook, contestants have to have a thumbs-up from 70 percent of those voting to advance to the next round. All performances are live and when you hit your app with yes or no,the result hits the broadcast screen within one-and-a-half seconds. 
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