Pi (or 3.14) represents a mathematical constant -the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. To celebrate Pi Day on March 14, Central School 5th graders measured the circumference and diameter of bike tires, paper plates and other circular items. "Students were able to discover that the relationship was always about 3 (plus a little) times the diameter equals the circumference - hence Pi!," sayseach teacher Jill Zimmer, who worked with math teacher Mary Beth LeBlond on this relevant curriculum.

PHOTO #1: (L-R) Central School 5th graders Samantha Traister, Lauren Rich, and Claire Gillenwater measure the circumference and diameter of a Frisbee to celebrate Pi Day on 3/14.

PHOTO #2: (L-R) Fifth graders Joy Zamora, Lorenzo Percario, and Julia Clemente enjoy Pi Day activities at Central School on 3/14.