WARREN, NJ -  Some Warren Township School District bus routes may be consolidated with school start times slightly adjusted saving the district $122,876 for the 2017-18 school year.

One of the district's goals to come out of the Study To Examine Enrollment Project (STEEP ) was to determine whether to extend bus routes to a maximum ride time of 30-35 minutes to minimize the number of buses needed.

Warren Township Schools Superintendent Matthew Mingle presented the administration's recommendation to the board at Tuesday's meeting. 

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The board approved ride times of up to 35 minutes at the Feb. 22, 2016 meeting.

Currently, 54 passenger bus routes account for 1638 students with an average ridership of 36.4 students and an average maximum ride time of 28 minutes.

The recommendation is to eliminate six bus routes- one each at ALT, Woodland and Warren Middle School, and two at Mount Horeb. 

Mingle said that the district will try to minimize pm bus ride times for those students with the longest am ride time to the greatest extent possible. Some students will be assigned to different bus routes but bus stops will remain the same.

Due to the challenges of a three tiered busing system and an already tight schedule, school days would be adjusted at ALT from 8:05- 2:45 to 8:10- 2:50, at Middle from 8:05-2:40 to 8:10-2:50 and at Central, Mount Horeb and Woodland from 8:40-3:20 to 8:50-3:30.

Even with the vendor contracts adjusted to 17-18 rates, the changes will net the district a savings of  $122,876, Mingle said. 

The board will vote at an upcoming meeting.