WARREN, NJ - As the holiday season approaches, complaints about mail delivery and issues with the Warren Post Office continue.

The Warren Township Committee discussed the postal service problems at the Township Committee’s Thursday, Nov. 19 meeting.  

Residents and businesses of Warren Township have experienced an increase in problems and issues regarding the U.S. Post Office with many residents complaining that their mail is not being delivered when it should be, if at all. 

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Township Administrator Mark Krane’s office continues to receive complaints from residents about the quality of Warren’s postal service and the treatment customers receive. 

Complaints are now being referred directly to Rep. Leonard Lance, R-7, to intervene.

“We know the complaints still continue,” said Mayor Mick Marion. “We’re doing what we can.”

Marion questioned whether issues with Warren’s mail service is a bureaucratic problem or a customer service problem. The dais responded,"both!" And a few shared their own experiences.

Victor Sordillo said he called the Warren Post Office three times to discuss an issue he had with the delivery of a package and he “couldn’t reach anybody.”

“I was very disappointed,” said Sordillo. “They didn’t answer the phone and immediately shipped the package back.They didn't even wait 12 hours."

Carolann Garafola said she received a complaint from a citizen who reported that a post office employee “hung up” on them.

Mayor Marion agreed the ongoing problems are “disappointing," and said that “for the record,” the post office lost his mail for three weeks."You can't make this stuff up."