WARREN, NJ - Third-graders at Angelo L. Tomaso School received a real-life civics lesson from Warren Township Mayor Carolann Garafola, who answered probing questions about the responsibilities of local government and, more specifically, her role as mayor.

At the invitation of Grade 3 teachers Deanna DeRoner and Joanne Marquis, Garafola visited ALT on Wednesday, April 19, explaining the governing process, from local budgets to community policing to township recreational programs and more.

“When I get a call about a pothole, do I go out and fix the pothole?” Garafola, a former speech therapist and school administrator, asked the students as she explained the various municipal departments responsible for keeping the township running and in good repair. “No, I would contact [our public works department] and before you know it, the pothole is fixed.”

Student questions for the mayor ranged from “How many times have you been mayor?” (6 times) and “What is the most important job as mayor?” (Being a leader) to “What is your favorite part of the job?” (performing marriages) and “What do you do in your free time?” (“I’m an avid reader and I love country western music.”)