WARREN, NJ - Warren Township Recreation recognized volunteers of the year 2016 at the last meeting on Wednesday. 

The Recreation Commission offered their thanks and said, "we could not offer any of these programs mentioned if it weren't for the dedication of the amazing volunteers we have here in Warren. We are humbled and honored to know all of you. Thank you all so much."


2016 Individual Volunteer of the Year: Sal DiBianca

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Sal DiBianca (a Warren resident for 42 years and raised two children) has volunteered and sponsored recreation events for several years. On June 29, 2016 he singlehandedly not only organized the event, THE FABULOUS 50'S NIGHT, but performed as The Keynotes with Tony Madalone and contributed his own funds to make this a very successful concert. The Knights of Columbus helped sponsor, decorate, serve snacks, drinks and Italian ice. The courtyard was packed with residents. 


Besides organizing the concert, for the last three years, Sal has donated money and marshmallow sticks for the Yuletide Winter Festival and is a judge for the Warren's Got Talent. He also volunteers at the Somerset County Wellness Center teaching computer skills, is a Secretary for Knights of Columbus, a Planning board member, sings at the Chelsea, Briteview and the Senior holiday party.

In his remarks, DiBianca announced that the Fabulous 50's will return on June 29.

2016 Group Volunteer of the Year:

Warren Township PBA # 235


The Warren Township PBA #235 became a recreation partnerseveral years ago, sponsoring events and appearing at events as volunteers and speakers. They entertained the teen camp and playground program with the swat team, Onyx, police car tours and helicopter landing. At the Teen Fest again we enjoyed the helicopter landing and tour plus K9 Onyx showed off his training. The PBA members also helped at the Winter Festival, Easter Egg Hunt and Fishing Derby donating their time and purchasing fish, prizes, water, candy and handouts. Since 2015 they have donated over $5,200 to the Recreation Commission for events.



And the following youth volunteers were recognized for over 50 volunteer hours and over 100 volunteer hours:




CIT Name

# of hrs vol in 2016

Choy, Susan


Sanchez, Sabrina


Whittock, Madison


Barkow, Madison


Barkow, Sydney


Maher, John


Sahranarvard, Shahab


Nunes, Amanda


Muchnik, Alan


Crespo, Andrew


Sendon, Rebecca


Horvath, Tyler


Kocmond, Tyler


Piccirilli, Matt


Wegleitner, Johnny


Pravado, Morgan


Mehta, Riya