WARREN, NJ - The Warren Township school district has received a ROD (Regular Operating District) grant which will provide 40% of the funding for the roof replacement at one of the district’s four elementary school buildings, Mt. Horeb School. The majority of the current roof was installed in 1997, with the remainder installed at the time of the 2001 addition.
With an anticipated project cost of over 2.3 million dollars, the award of this grant alone will net the district approximately $944,000. This grant is one of seven grants which the district has been awarded from the state of New Jersey for its much needed facilities projects. The total amount the district is slotted to receive throughout 2014 and 2015 is $2,058,530.
To ensure the lowest price for the roof replacement, the district is currently out to bid for the project. This timeline works in the district’s favor by engaging a contractor well in advance of the project’s start date. The district is working in conjunction with USA Architects.