WARREN, NJ - All Warren Township Schools celebrated a “Week of Respect”, Monday, Oct. 1, through Friday, Oct. 5. Character Education is a learning process that promotes good character and a positive school environment.  Throughout the “Week of Respect”, each School Counselor made visits to every classroom to communicate the importance of a bully-free environment and the significance of being respectful to one another.  To further enhance the sentiment of the “Week of Respect”, each School Counselor planned daily activities for students.


The week was full of special days where students were invited to represent the particular theme through their clothing, some examples include the following:

○ Tied Together by Respect, all students were invited to wear a scarf or necktie. 

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○ Red, White, and Blue Day, all students were invited to wear red, white, and blue to show unity in following anti-bullying rules.

○ Mismatched Clothing Day, all students were invited to wear mismatched clothing to demonstrate individual uniqueness.

○ Wear a hat Day, to put a cap on bullying.  

○ We know our future is bright, all students were invited to wear bright colors!

○ Be You Day, students wore clothing that represented where their family is from and they were reminded to always be proud of who they are!

Each student participated in lessons, activities and presentations throughout the week, some examples of those activities included:

○ Woodland students are constructing a Kindness Tree.  Each student will be recognized for acts of kindness and respect by adding a leaf to the tree with their name on it.  The goal is to see how many kindness leaves can be added to the school wide kindness tree throughout the month of October.

○ Middle School students viewed a Character Education presentation during their Guide period on Wednesday, October 3. The goal of the presentation was to shift attitudes regarding bullying and empower students to stand up to bullying behavior.  

○ Angelo L Tomaso students received morning announcements on the importance of respect as well as motivational music upon arrival each morning to encourage R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

○ Mt. Horeb students participated in Super Hero Day to understand the true meaning of a HERO, Helping Everyone Respect Others!

○ Central students were able to visit the Respect Station during recess each day to participate in many different activities to promote kindness and respect.  A dice game called Roll and Respond about Respect as well as arts and crafts were enjoyed by many students.




Photos Courtesy of Warren Twp. Schools:


Photo 1: Middle School students, Robbie Battiste, Brian Edelman and Colin Chou take a moment to pose for a picture with Mr. Sean Mealey, WMS Physical Education Teacher during the “Week of Respect”.  


Photos 2 & 3 : “Super Hero Day” at Mt. Horeb: (Left to right) Klaudia Maziarz, Sasha Mehra, Isabella Santos, Emily Bash, Shail Hazari, Ela Patwa.  


Photo 4: “Mismatched Sock Day” at ALT, Roman Ricci. 


Photo 5: “Our Futures are Bright”, Central School. Sydney Ullrich and Isabella Lofling


Photo 6: “Be You Day”, Left to Right: Anderson Diaz, IlyssaBraga, Kellan Melia, Nolan Hollis, Julianna Lanni, Madelyn Cunha and Mr. Jeff Heaney, Woodland School Principal.