WARREN, NJ -  This summer as a result of an extensive safety and security study and several years of work, enhancements were made to the district's safety procedures.

The new Eyemetric TPASS Visitor Management System will manage new entry procedures for visitors wishing to enter schools during regular school hours.

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The visitor management system processes information that will be used to check a visitor’s background against Sex Offender registries and school databases to determine if the visitor should be permitted entry into the school building. Once approved, a badge will be printed which includes the visitor’s name and photo, the current date, and the location of the visit. Visitors must wear these badges while on school property. There are no exceptions to this policy. 


  • Ring the bell at the main entrance;

  • Respond to questions posed by school staff members via the intercom system;

  • Scan a state-issued identification (such as a driver’s license) or United States passport in

In order to enter a school during school hours, visitors will need to:


  • Wait to be cleared and buzzed into the building;

  • Report to the main office to complete the registration process and receive a printed visitor badge;

  • Wear the badge prominently throughout the visit;

  • Return the badge to the office upon completion of the visit; and

  • Exit through the main entrance.

Parents, guardians and designated emergency contacts are encouraged to “pre-enroll” into the visitor management system during the days before students are back to school. You may pre-enroll at any school in the district. The process will include the taking of a photograph to complete your record and should be completed in approximately five minutes. If you are unable to pre-enroll during the week of August 28, you will have the opportunity to register in the system during the school year at your child’s school.

Bring your State issued identification or United States passport to pre-enroll. Pre- enrollment will speed the process once the school year begins. Note  that the buildings will not be open for parents and students at this time. Only the main office will be accessible for the pre-enrollment process.