WARREN, NJ - As part of the Strategic Plan, Warren Township Schools adopted the brand "Shining Brighter Every Day" to inspire commitment to continual improvement.  A Steering Committee, along with teams of volunteers, identified the following focus areas: Technology, Communication, 21st Century Learning, School Environment, and Assets. All members of the community are invited to learn more about the school district and its goals. Anyone interested in learning more may contact Dr. Tami Crader, Superintendent of Schools, at tcrader@warrentboe.org. 

At Angelo L. Tomaso School, students are recognized for random acts of kindness. Students’ names are submitted by teachers and staff and they receive a Shining Brighter button which they are proud to wear. Additionally, Principal Bond posts student photographs and names on a monthly bulletin board in the main foyer. Teachers and visitors to ALT can often hear students sharing what they personally did, or saw others do. Students often encourage their peers positively at ALT School.
At Central School, students are recognized by teachers, paraprofessionals, and administration for shining brightly.  When students are "caught" showing kindness through their actions, their names and acts are placed on a star displayed on the Shining Brightly bulletin board in the lobby, as well as read on the morning announcements by Mrs. Morris, the Guidance Counselor at Central School.  Quarterly, students who have received a star are eligible to have a breakfast hosted by Principal Milita and Mrs. Morris in recognition of their efforts to make Central School an amazing place to be.  Recently, fifteen students were randomly selected from the pool of star recipients and invited to a morning breakfast and discussion of the wonderful behaviors they contributed to the Central School learning environment.
At Mount Horeb School, students can be nominated for a Star Gator Certificate.  In conjunction with the character education program, Principal Kimmick and staff recognize students who demonstrate unusual acts of kindness, responsibility, caring, honesty, citizenship, or fairness.   When students are nominated, their names and their act are read on the morning announcements and the nomination is posted on the office bulletin board.  A certificate is then sent home for families to share in the celebration.

At Woodland School, the entrance bulletin board is a sight that cannot be missed. Upon it is written a poem, “Star light, star bright…” where a slew of stars rise up from the bulletin board to reach and cover the ceiling.  When recognized, individual students write their own name on a star and a staff member records the student’s specific actions.  Principal Huss then announces how students shine brighter every day, and they get a special bracelet as well. As you walk through the halls at Woodland it is easy to see even more connections on the walls inside and outside of classrooms, including special area classes like art and computers.
At Warren Middle School, students watch the WMS News on a weekly basis. At the start of the school year, Dr. Crader introduced the brand to the middle school students and it continues to be highlighted via Mr. Cook’s news segment, aptly named Shining Brighter Every Day. Warren Middle School seizes each and every moment to promote students and their good decisions. In his segment, Mr. Cook shares a list of names accompanied with stories about what students have done. Recent shares include students cleaning up a water spill in the hall to ensure safety, peers helping new students get to and from classes, and a wonderfully proud moment by two anonymous 8th graders.
Inspired by Ryan's Story, these girls hand-wrote over 700 post-it notes, with a kind saying on each, so that every middle school student could be greeted in the morning with a phrase sure to evoke a smile. It is believed that small, random acts of kindness can be very powerful and uplifting for anyone.For more information on Ryan's Story go to:

The district is proud to celebrate how Warren Township Schools’ students and staff shine brighter every day. For the 2013-2014 school year, Mr. Convery, Computer Science Teacher/Webmaster created a new look to the district website using his expertise along with input from the Communications Committee. There were two main goals. One was to adjust the layout so the site could feature the work of students and staff.  The second was to make the site responsive which allows for optimal viewing on multiple devices. The district website continues to be a source of pertinent information for community members.  All school calendars are kept current with important events happening throughout the five schools. Curriculum, policies and Board agendas/minutes are easy to locate as reference tools. The Pride in Our Schools district newsletter highlights how Warren students and staff shine both in and out of the classroom.Newly added is a Librarians’ Corner feature with selections read and reviewed by the Library Media Specialists in each building.  In addition to popular eBlasts, social media has been used as an information vehicle. New this year, Friday Questions are posted weekly, to encourage reflective thinking as well as open a dialogue between families, staff, and community members.