WARREN, NJ -  The Warren Township Board of Education heard an update on the superintendent search at the last meeting presented by Dwight Pfennig, of Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, the consulting firm hired by the Board of Education to oversee the process.

As part of the second phase of the project, Pfennig hosted a Superintendent Search Community Input Session on Monday, Sept. 28 at the Warren Middle School, used to help to the develop a  leadership profile. “The goal was to gather input regarding the outstanding aspects of the district, the challenges and issues the district will face for he short term and the long term, and what the community views as the desired characteristics for the new superintendent,” said Pfennig.

“The leadership profile gathers stakeholder input to identify and qualify the characteristic necessary for the next Warren Township superintendent’s success in her/his work.”

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Pfennig described the next phases of the superintendent search process.

“The third phase recruits candidates through matching interests and qualifications with the substance of the leadership profile,” said Pfennig. “Candidates are recruited through typical postings in local and national media, through HYA Associates making referrals by matching Warren Township criteria with prospective candidates, and through nominations made by stakeholder groups through the leadership profile development process.”

“The fourth phase involves the selection of the new superintendent through challenging interviews designed to more closely scrutinize the match between prospective superintendent candidates and the Warren Township community,” said Pfennig. “During this phase, HYA thoroughly vets documented and media resources supporting and noting the history of interested candidates.”

Pfennig said he expects the search to be concluded within a December-January time frame.