WARREN, NJ - While it is too early for a detailed forecast, the National Weather Service, as of its 7 p.m. update on Wednesday evening,has posted a Winter Weather Advisory and Winter Storm Watch for most of New Jersey and points south for the weekend.

A weekend storm is expected to begin after the Friday evening commute and continue through Sunday, bringing blustery winds with gusts between 20-40 m.p.h. as well as between 8-12 inches of snow.

Warren will be ready.

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"I'm ready for a good ole snowstorm, the kind where I can't leave the house to work. I like to make a fire, do some catch up house chores and then play cards (Rummy 500), as long as I can get a kid or two to play with me.  ☃" Catherine Niemeyer

"Adults: Stock up on wine and hot chocolate. Stay in and cook all day, get out and shovel snow

For the kids: hot chocolate, bake cookies, watch lots of movies, get outside and play in the snow, build a fort, have a snowball fight, go sledding" Allyson  Brown

"Stock up on sidewalk salt, milk, bread, some frozen pizzas, snacks and wine of course 😉

Love to open every curtain or blind in the house so I can see all the snow (looks beautiful) 

I watch a few movies if I'm not working and If the kids are home from school, I try to aim all the snow from the snowblower into a big mountain in the front of my driveway so they can snow board down it. Good times!

Bring on the snow!!" Michael Aprile


"Hot chocolate. Nacho's, pizza stuff, movies............ Did i mention lots of junk food!" Bibi Lipton

"I buy snow crafts (snowflakes, snowmen, etc) and save them for snow days." Amy Horowitz

"We usually make something that requires us to be home all day, like french onion soup and my daughter will bake cookies. Definitely have to have hot chocolate and whipped cream. If we know for sure there will be no school, sometimes my kids will have a friend sleep over so they have someone to hang out with the next day and no one has to drive in the snow." Kathleen Terchek


"I always look at snow days as a good day to have an at home exercise day. I tell my clients if you have a floor you have a workout waiting. It's a good reminder lol" Joe Amoroso

"I stock up on dry and wet pet food, earmark water supply just for pets." Delia Collins

"Since I'm alone, I can't do group activities, so it's just another boring day!  I like to take photos out my back windows when it snows....play with camera settings to get cool shots, maybe set up the tripod.  I don't really stock up on extra food supplies either, because snow doesn't make me extra hungry.  I truly never understood why so many people rush out before a storm specifically for cow's milk though....we aren't even cows." Erica Weinschenk


"I go to the library!  Don't have to go in person, with the selection of e-books,  but I've found some great wintery reads over the years:  Winter World by Bernd Heinrich, The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon, and Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell among them." Kathy Helewa


"I'm with Catherine Smith Niemeyer with this one. I love the idea of being snowed in...light a fire, watch a good movie, maybe clean out that closet/cabinet that has been calling my name!" Noreen Rotundo


"Definitely getting some cleaning done, Monopoly with the kids and Netflix bingeing. ...only store I still need to hit is the liquor store! ;)" Eileen Mahan

"I'm quite sure I'm one of the only people who do this... but many wildlife and feral cats take refuge underground in storm drains. Snow plows create huge piles of snow along the roadsides, making it impossible for the animals to scratch their way through. So I push my flabbergasted husband out the door with me and we dig escape hatches. It's a decent workout, lol." Alexis Pagoulatos


"Drink beer, shovel snow, build huge snow forts, ride around on Chrysler Sno runner, eat food...  Not sure what the kids do  :)" Joe Raber


"Have a box of brownies so we'll probably make those, build a little fort for Ariel on the deck is we get a lot of the white stuff, Katie will probably go sledding in Greenwood Meadows.  Light up my Yankee candles, make hot chocolate.  I'll probably work on that photo album with my pics from the Fall thru xmas.. Sleepovers for the kids is always fun too along w/ a nice big breakfast in the AM.  Bring on the snowstorm!!" Heidi Boehm


"Kosher salt!! It melts the ice off the deck and wood stairs without harming it. Also safe for pet paws. And no chemicals going into the ground near the well." Laura Garcell

"I play in the snow with my golden! then have a nice warm dinner making and snuggle up with a book throughout the day." Kayla Dionisio

"Forget eggs and milk...i go to Michaels and get crafty stuff the day before.  Once kids are done sledding and playing (and are too cold), we can be creative near the fire!" Geraldine Morrison

"Call 911 for any emergencies" Mike D'Antico

"Bake and drink wine :)" Lynn Mauro

"Stock up on ingredients for delicious snacks/food and wine.  Then snuggle up in front of roaring fire with hubby and pups and snack/wine and listen to great music.  If for multiple days, likely some binge watching or old movie watching would also occur.  And I cannot forget to add playing in snow with the pups." Stephanie Smith

"I stock up on canned food, water, and firewood when a storm is coming. The firewood should actually have been stocked up months prior, but better late than never. I shovel when I'm snowed in; that way I can get out of my driveway the next day." Lareine Jeng

" I enjoy the day by lighting the fireplace . And just relaxing. We are always so busy going and doing, that we forget to just relax.  I also enjoy cooking so my daughter is picking a recipe out and we will make dinner together. While the guys are out cleaning snow. I say take this time to spend with yourself first.. Then family time. Time is a gift we all forget to appreciate. So snow days are a good thing. Stock up on water, be safe and enjoy your TIME" Teresa Tavo

"If it's M-F, with a laptop and VPN connection, I'm still expected to work from home. :-( Otherwise, I bake cookies with the kids." Sinead Conlon

"I live to watch snow movies (airport, Fargo, Storm of the Century) and do needlepoint." Cindy Helmers

"For kids , go to the library and check out some books , after they are done playing outside , let them READ , use a new $1 bill as the book mark , they get to keep it at the end of the book ( works ALL YEAR!) 

Also make " snow drinks" pack a glass with clean snow , add milk , 1 tsp sugar and van extract , a few drops of food coloring , DELICIOUS!" Lisa Renaud

"My husband loves to take the SUV out for a fun ride in the storm and we usually find a Chinese Restaurant open for business." Julie Bu

"When we're snowed in, we actually enjoy making soup and baked goods for the crews outside working to keep us safe during the storm. We have even walked when we couldn't drive to catch up with those working outside in the cold. After Super Storm Sandy, we have learned to stock up on adhesive tape that can stick to walls so we can hang sheets over doorways and openings. Then, when the fireplace is on, the heat remains in one room only. " Colleen Pine

"Usually help out with the Rescue Squad being a designated shelter and needing all the people they can get.

Working 4 out of the next 5 with Saturday being my only day off I'll be relaxing with Netflix, hockey & video games. Best way for me to de-stress and take my mind off things :)" Brian Finkel

And, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management is recommending that for this type of scenario, everyone should put together an Emergency Kit that would include:

  • A three-day supply of canned, non-perishable, ready-to-eat food,
  • A three-day supply of water,
  • A battery-operated radio and extra batteries,
  • A flashlight and extra batteries