WARREN, NJ - Central School participated in the ACE™ program from April 20th - 24th in honor of May being Melanoma Awareness Month. ACE™ stands for “Apply Cover Enjoy”. That week, students became Enright Sun Safety Certified™ by completing e-learning programs created by skin cancer professionals from the Enright Melanoma Foundations, in their computer classes with Danielle Porchetta.

Homerooms competed to see which class came to school prepared and protected from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Students were able to receive up to three points each day for wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat; this reinforced their Apply Cover Enjoy™ message.  Michelle Kurilla's 4th grade class won, with the highest total points, and students were awarded chapstick SPF keychains.

The Enright Melanoma Foundation is a doctor-led, nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise sun safety awareness and to help prevent melanoma through education and early detection. As this cancer is often preventable, their goal is for children to understand their role in good sun protection habits early on. Thanks to Alexis Sacks, Central School’s Nurse, the program was implemented for the first time this year.  

The Enright Melanoma Foundation awarded each student who completed the Enright Sun Safety Certification Program™ with an ultraviolet sun sense wristband that changes color to alert the wearer when it is time to reapply sunscreen or seek shade.  Central School will be using these wristbands during their fall field day, which will be sun safety themed. “I was impressed with how many students participated in the program.  It was wonderful to see students get excited about sun safety," said Sacks. This free program is available to the public at ApplyCoverEnjoy.org.