WARREN, NJ - Freshman orientation will be held at Watchung Hills Regional High School from noon to 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 3. Bus transportation will be provided to and from the program. Students will be receiving information on their bus stop location and the time they will be picked up on a normal school day.

Since the orientation will be held in the afternoon, students should add four-and-a-half hours to their assigned regular pickup time to find out when orientation bus pickups will take place. When students arrive at school, they should report to their designated classroom. 
Faculty and peer leaders will be available to assist students upon their arrival. Students will be given an overview of Watchung Hills Regional High School and what their typical day will be like.  Peer leaders will answer questions and cover topics that most concern incoming freshmen including:
How does the rotating drop schedule work?
How do I locate my locker and open it?
How do I find my classes?
Students will also have the opportunity to ask any additional questions or address any concerns they may have. 

Students will participate in a walk-through of their schedule and have an opportunity to meet all of their teacher. Peer leaders and teachers will be in the hallways to assist with directions. 
Students then can report to all of their classes, and will be given the opportunity to meet their teachers. Peer leaders and teachers will be in the hallways to help assist with directions.