WARREN,NJ - The Watchung Hills Soccer Association NJE Spurs completed their undefeated season (10-0) with a win against the Millburn Blues.  
It was a hard fought battle which the Spurs won 3-2.  During the season, the Spurs outscored their opponents 37-11 and completed 2,261 passes.  Their possession passing game frustrated their opponents throughout the season and Coach Mark Lowdon commented "I have never coached a more talented group of girls.
This team has produced some top class performances." The team consists of players from Warren, Longhill and Greenbrook, The Spurs are:Megan Carmody, Claudia Ferreira, Alexis Perez, Ellie Wojie, Emma Clintock, Olivia Holliday, Abby Franks, Hallie Sussner, Ava Tommaso, Paige Thomas, and Francesca Sena.