On August 11, 2015, I suffered from cardiac arrest at the JFK airport in New York on the federal station platform outside the tram. There were several men and women who answered my wife's calls for help and these people answered her calls. These people might not know it but they saved my life that day by administering CPR on me within 1 minute of the call for help.
Both men said they didn't know how to do it but tried anyway.
Well, guess what guys, you did know because I'm alive and well today because of your heroism and selflessness. 
There was also a JFK employee that got the defibrillator from the wall and assisted with the life saving shock to restart my heart. 

If it were not for these individuals, I would not be alive today or would have brain damage.
I now get to see my Kids grow up, graduate high-school and college, get married and have kids. 
If this was you or you know who it was, please respond to this. It would mean the world to me to meet you face to face and not only shake your hands but give you a huge hug of gratitude for not just walking by that day but for doing what is what makes us human by nature. 
Please share this post and hopefully I will find these amazing people who deserve the ultimate credit of saving a life.
Thank you and God bless!!
Glenn Molnar