WARREN, NJ - The new the Alternative Financing Committee’s first report was given by Watchung Hills Board of Education member Glenn Mastrobattista at the board's last meeting.

The committee was formed to seek increased revenue for the school and has identified a second goal.

Mastrobattista, who recommended that the board look at alternative ways to bring revenue to the district, said, 
“While this is still a work in progress, we got our house in order and got the committee off and running."

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The committee serves a "two-fold" purpose, according to Mastrobattista:

-to generate revenue for the general budget and other district needs

-and to create an overarching booster alliance that complies with district and state policies.

The committee also includes board member Barry Hunsinger.

“We do have some valuable assets and areas that a lot of people pass through, and companies see that,” said Hunsinger. “The revenue will then offset a lot of the things we need to do.”

“We don’t want to turn the school into a NASCAR but there are several high-traffic areas that would be appealing to many businesses,” said Mastrobattista. “Once we create a plan and establish the value of the assets, we would take a next step of going out to the public. We could present the plan to the board and it would be at their suggestion to target different organizations for sponsorship. It is a very good test to see how we can generate revenue. We are eventually going to get there and examine every facet of it, but again we are not looking to put banners all over the property. We are looking to gain revenue for our needs.”

Additionally, the committee is creating a Warrior Booster Alliance which will allow Watchung Hills' organizations to fall under a 501(c)(3) umbrella non-profit organization.

“This alliance will enable all of the sports booster clubs who aren't non-profits to fall under one umbrella organization that marries up the board's policies but also gives them access to insurance and to operate accordingly,” said Mastrobattista. .

“The school itself will have to establish a 501(c)(3) organization and we are currently working with Mr. Stys (WHRHS BA Timothy Stys) to move forward on that. This allows everyone to play by the rules and we will have policies and procedures in place"

Another added benefit is cost. When you have clubs under one umbrella, they can also share any associated costs.

Board president Dr. Gregory Przybylski said he " commends Mastrobattista and Hunsinger for trying to create this overarching booster alliance for all of the organizations that can’t identify as a non-profit."