WARREN, NJ - On Monday, Oct. 7, the Watchung Hills Board of Education heard the annual school performance presentation. Some stand out performances include 593 students taking Advance Placement exams, 93 students taking a Math Level 2 exam with an average score of 707, and the class acheiving a 1688 average on the SAT. To see the entire presentation, click here

New developments in college admissions include increased numbers of applications,  more students applying by an early method, and applications submitted by Internet-based methods including the Common Application. The college admissions process takes considerable time and involves multiple steps, deadlines and choices, including fees, essays, college visits and interviews. Students file separate applications to each school, although the Common Application expedites the process in many instances.

One of the first steps, the PSAT, will be administered to  sophomores and juniors on Saturday, October 19, as part of the standardized testing program. The PSAT provides an early indication of preparedness for the SAT and qualification for the National Merit Scholar Program. Registered students should arrive at 7:15 a.m on Oct. 19. To register, juniors and sophomores register online here

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The number of students enrolled in college is expected to increase through 2020 when reportedly approximately 23 million students will be enrolled in college. Millions of high school students apply to college each year. Calculating GPA and the weight of various courses can be confusing.  For the formulas at Watchung Hills, click here.

When it is decision time, the students of Watchung Hills go in many different directions. To see the applications, acceptances and  final destinations of the Watchung Hills Class of 2013, click here