WARREN, NJ - The Warren Township Recreation Commission held its 29th annual Fishing Derby at Dealaman Pond on May 17.

2014 Warren Township Fishing Derby Winners are:
5-6 Age Group
1st Place Ruseel Granese – 19” Catfish
2nd Place Emily Conway – 18” Catfish
3rd Place GianLuca Mannino 17.5” Catfish
4th Place Gideon Minieri – 17” Catfish
5th Place Alex Bruno – 15” Catfish
7-8 Age Group
1st Place Andrew Conway – 17” Catfish
2nd Place Alex Huang – 8” Bass
3rd Place David Krause – 8” Crappie
9-10 Age Group
1st Place Mike Guiliano – 16” Catfish
2nd Place Landon Bush – 10” Catfish
11-12 Age Group
1st Place Joseph Merklinger – 19” Catfish
2nd Place Kaitlyn Linton – 16” Catfish
3rd Place Thomas Krause – 8” BG
Grand Prize
Jack Merklinger – 19” Catfish
The Warren Township Recreation Department says," A big thank you goes out to the Blue Ridge Sportsmen Club, Efinger Sporting Goods, Dunkin’ Donuts, Brian Vitale and the Bounce Factory for sponsoring this event. Another big thanks is owed to Bruce Vitale for organizing this wonderful event for the 29th year in a row.  "