The following information is being shared on behalf of the Warren Township Office of Emergency Management and the Warren Township Police Department:

In preparation for the impending storm, please review your family's Emergency Plan.  Be prepared to have enough food, water, medications and other necessities for you, your family and your pets to stay in your home for a few days with or without power. Have extra batteries for flashlights and fully charge your cell phones.

Please STAY OFF THE ROADS and do not travel unless it is absolutely necessary. 

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If you or a loved one have special or medical needs, please plan ahead for upcoming weather conditions by making necessary arrangements in the event of power loss. This may include going to a hotel, staying with family members or friends who have electricity.

If you have well water, please seriously consider purchasing a generator to run the well pump and a few essentials like the refrigerator, a few lights, a sump pump, etc. Water is currently available by hand pump located to the right of the snack shack at the municipal ball fields. Bring a bucket or bottles to fill

Check on your neighbors, particularly the elderly. If you feel they need a wellness check, call the Warren Township Police Department at 908-753-1000. The Police will check up on them.\

Make sure you always report power outages to your utility company, not the Police Department. In the event of an emergency, please call 911.