WARREN, NJ - It's May in New Jersey and besides being high allergy season, it's also standardized test-taking time.

Some researchers have identified a stress gene that may explain why some people experience more anxiety on standardized tests than others. In addition to scientific research, there are countless anecdotes from parents and teachers expressing frustration in how best to help their students, especially first time test-takers, relax before a high-stakes test.

Clearly, test-taking stress is a very real concern for many students. If stress could be managed more effectively, then tests like the NJ ASK wouldn’t fill students with such dread and apprehension.

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Teachers, administrators and staff at Woodland School came up with a unique stress-buster for the third grade as they prepared to take their first ever standardized test.

Take a look:

Good Luck 3rd Graders.m4v

Older students might benefit as well by seeing the well wishes from their old teachers.

Editor's Note: A special thank you to all involved for allowing this video to be shown. After showing it to my former Woodland student, now in fourth grade, he came home proud of all he wrote on the test and said he rocked it! For a reluctant writer, that's all I can ask.