Here is why Warren Township residents should vote for me on Election Day, November 5th:

  • Our local newspaper, the Echoes Sentinel, has endorsed me.  I am honored to receive their endorsement since they regularly attend our Township Committee meetings, cover the issues and know who has questioned the governing body.
  • I am the only candidate that has regularly attended our Township Committee meetings over the past three years.  I know the important issues and have already advocated for our residents on issues like mini-cell towers, East County Park, affordable housing, etc.
  • I am against providing 30 year tax abatements to developers that cause taxes to rise for our existing tax payers.  The tax abatements for hundreds of units such as the King George Inn, Dubois Rd, and affordable housing are troubling.  I have requested and read these agreements, and even met with our township administrator and township attorney to understand how they can impact existing tax payers.  I DO NOT have any cozy relationships with developers.     
  • I am committed to preserving the rural nature of our town through fair and sensible affording housing.  That means providing our residents with true transparency about the issue and allowing our residents to provide meaningful input in developing the affordable housing solution.  I’m the only candidate running who has attended the hearings before Judge Miller at the Somerset County Courthouse and submitted letters to the court about Warren’s affordable housing plan. 
  • I want Warren to be the safest town in NJ.  I met with our Police Chief to understand the issues, expressed my support for the fine job our police have been doing, and shared my commitment to public safety to support Warren’s return to be one of the top safest towns in NJ.
  • I am a truly accessible candidate that has provided his home phone number for residents to call to discuss any issues or answer any questions.  I believe in open communications with residents.

While I will continue my outreach by canvassing, calling and messaging residents through Election Day, I urge our residents to come down to one of the Meet & Greets being held at the Warren Township Public Library this Election Day Weekend and Election Day Eve:

  • Saturday, November 2nd from 2-4 pm, Warren Public Library Meeting Room (First Floor)
  • Sunday, November 3rd from 2-4pm, Warren Public Library Meeting Room (First Floor)
  • Monday, November 4th from 7-9 pm, Warren Public Library Business Room (Second Floor)

All of the Meet & Greet event details are also listed on my facebook page at

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Please visit my website to read about the endorsements, latest news, and important issues or just call me at 908-222-3537.  With only days left until Election Day, I urge residents to read my previous three candidate statements which can be found by visiting my website and clicking on the links from the NEWS page. 

I am the candidate that is F.I.T. to serve Warren residents best with Fresh ideas, Independent thinking, and true Transparency.  It really would be a privilege to serve our residents with Integrity on the Warren Township Committee.   I really do sincerely care about our town and its residents.