As my friends who live in Bridgewater will tell you,  this has been the most contentious mayoral primary we’ve seen in recent memory. I don’t really have any thoughts on Dan Hayes vs. Matt Moench (That haven’t been expressed repeatedly by each candidate's attacks on the other) but I think people are forgetting how important this year’s election is for the entire Somerset County Republican Party, which BREAKS my heart to say is on nothing short of life support.

The Republican Party, OUR Republican Party, was cleaned out of what seemed like 85% of all elected offices in New Jersey from what pundits suggest is an anti-Trump backlash also known as the Blue Wave. What was once a deep red foundation for Republican values and a bastion for fiscal responsibility is now a purple county, dangerously teetering off a cliff that would be going over to Democratic control for a LONG time.

Now is not the time for political gamesmanship and if you’re a Republican voter, I want to encourage everyone reading this to join me in making sure this JUNE that our values aren’t wiped out permanently in Somerset County later this fall. 

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If we’re going to win, our party must look at both our past accomplishments and forward to the future on June 4th, and then its onto November. That path is a split ticket with longtime Freeholder Patricia Walsh along with the high energy new comer, former Sheriff's K-9 Unit Commander, Tim Pino.

Freeholder Pat Walsh has been a HUGE force in why Somerset County has been a gold standard in so many ways for so many years. Our economic vitality is the envy of other New Jersey counties and that is in no small part attributable to Freeholder Walsh. Freeholder Walsh is not only a former Freeholder Director, but she is a powerhouse female name in this county with a track record of success. She is the best chance to hold our Republican edge, which is perilously close to slipping away after the election of both Democratic Freeholders Sara Sooy and Shanel Robinson. We must look to our past successes to govern our future and it must be by re-electing Pat Walsh.

With Walsh representing Somerset County's vibrant past, Tim Pino clearly represents that future. Pino, cut from Senator Michael Doherty's cloth of high energy Conservative based politics, is the enthusiasm we need to keep the Republican party afloat in Somerset County. If you don't believe me, just visit any one of Pino's social media outlets and you will find yourself being entertained by police dogs, pro wrestlers and his long list of endorsements. Tim is the perfect blend of wanting to keep us safe and an emissary extending that message to ALL people who reside in our county. Tim is the winning message in November for Republicans.   

I firmly believe that Pat Walsh and Tim Pino, a blend of where we've been to the picture of where we're going, are Somerset County GOP's last hope to stop the Blue Wave insurgents. I DON'T want to see Somerset County go blue, or any more blue, rather, and we need to remember the conservative values and elect those candidates with a proven track record to best represent them. 

Vote Pat Walsh for Freeholder AND Vote Tim Pino for Sheriff on June 4th! 

Judy Gaynor