Dear Editor,

I first met Rick de Pinho two years ago when he dropped by my house to talk about his campaign. Most candidates for local elections would never think to knock on the doors of strangers to take an hour out of their nights to discuss local politics, especially not with a plucky eighth-grader. But Rick did. His devotion and passion were so evident to me that afternoon that the moment he left to continue getting to know the constituents, I ran upstairs to compose an email to him so that I could be a part of his campaign. I was thirteen, and I knew that Rick de Pinho was truly remarkable. I’ve never met someone so informed and inspired to provide a voice to the citizens who feel their concerns are ignored.

Rick understands that local politics should not be partisan. At the end of the day, we will be better served by a compassionate ear who will listen to and address your concerns. I can personally vouch for Rick de Pinho as a man who possesses not only the integrity, empathy, and intelligence for the job, but someone who is called to public service because he feels he owes it to Warren- to us- to ensure we have the local government that we deserve. 

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Rick loves this town and the people who reside in it. He runs not for achievement, not for gain, and certainly not for power. He runs because he has a vision for Warren, a vision that I and so many others in Warren share; Rick de Pinho wants a Warren in which the power is in our hands. In which we can choose for ourselves who our mayor is. In which we can see what goes on in our government. In which our stories and hopes and anxieties are heard and acknowledged on a more comprehensive level than your ballot box provides. I believe that you also want this for Warren, and I believe that de Pinho will bring this to us. 

I write to you, for I may not be able to vote, but I have my words. Knowing Rick personally and having experienced firsthand the effects of a government devoid of transparency, I cannot hide behind my youth as an excuse for not speaking up to create true change in the town that we all love so much. 

I will not be voting for Rick DePino on November 5th, but I hope that you, dear reader, will cast your ballot in my stead so that we may achieve the selfless and transparent government that Warren deserves.


Sheridan Ameo