The Healthy Relationships intervention (a group for African Americans/Hispanics living with HIV) second cycle,  will begin on Tuesday, 23rd January 2018 at Home First Family Success Center, 1100 Woodruff, Hillside, NJ 07025.

At the initial session each person, who brings an eligible individual to enroll in this cycle will receive a GIFT CARD, and also their guest will receive a GIFT CARD!!

Additionally, a $5 gift card will be provided to all participants through session four. At the fifth session (final session) all group members, will receive a $20 gift card, and a certificate of completion.

Also if an individual refer someone to participate in the current cycle of the Healthy Relationships intervention, and they completes the cycle, the individual who made the referral will receive an added incentive gift card for $20. Also transportation assistance will be provided to each participant.