NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Untied Brewing Company is gearing up for the opening of their brewery and tasting room to the public very soon. Through meticulous planning with world and national award-winning Head Brewer, Tim Stumpf, Untied has spared no expense in making their brewery the best it can be from the very start.  

Tim Stumpf is a beer, sports and nature lover from Newark, DE with a passion for making and sharing beer. Tim’s careers started while serving for a local brewery near the University of Delaware, where Tim was studying Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry. In hopes of becoming a more knowledgeable server in the brewery, Tim began to study the historical beer styles. He was fortunate to live close to an incredible beer store named State Line Liquors in Maryland. There, he was able to find fresh bottles and cans of the most exotic beers from around the world, and quickly fell in love with the beer world, and the amazing history of beer that most Americans had long forgotten about.

One day, the opportunity arose to help the brewmaster clean kegs and scrub floors, and Tim’s career started a new chapter that day. That was 20 years ago…Tim had found his passion and finally knew what he would do with the engineering and science background he had gained in previous years. Tim  continued to pursue a career in Craft Beer by completing his formal brewing education from The  American Brewers Guild in Vermont.  Since then, Tim’s love of beer grown into a well-established career. Most recently he was Senior Head Brewery at Iron Hill Brewery.

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Over the past 20 years of Tim’s career, he has won multiple awards from the Great American Beer Festival and The Word Beer Cup, and is a very well respected brewer within the community.

Tim loves all beer and is passionate about brewing many varieties.  Tim says he has brewed most every type of beer recognized by the Brewers Association of America (~96 types), but hopes to keep his finger on the pulse of what today’s beer drinker wants, and hopes to create the next new type of beer. Personally, he favors drinking the traditional German-style beers like Roggenbier, Schwarzbier and Bock.

Over the past 3 weeks Tim has been busy brewing many varieties of beer to fill Untied’s 24 taps.  Untied Brewery will serve a variety of brews including the hometown Pioneer Ale and Mayor Al Morgan's Stout. "The intent is to have something for everyone," said Head Brewer Tim Stumpf. "Some like the hoppy beers -- we will have multiple IPA options. We will also have many non-hoppy beers, a variety of lighter and darker ones." -- "We should get close to filling all 24 taps by opening, with the addition of nonalcoholic beverages to come in the near future -- some sodas and nitro cold brew coffee, as well," he said. 

Matt Green, Owner and Local NP Resident, explained that breweries differentiate themselves by the process and location of where you brew and the art and talent of the team brewing. "It used to be the ingredients that made the difference in the quality of the beer, but now people can get the same ingredients with some exceptions," he said. "It is more about the process with the equipment you are using and even more importantly the best products come for the best brewer’s - the brewer’s technique really makes the beer stand out in terms of quality and difference now." -- "We spent a lot of time and research to make sure we would have the right equipment and processes and a very talented and distinguished Head Brewer; this is why we brought on Tim as Untied’s Head Brewer -  his extensive brewing experience combined with his unique talent, awesome personality, and the equipment and processes in place makes the difference in the quality of the beer at Untied.  We hope our customers will immediately be able to see and appreciate that the overall Untied Experience (product, people, and place) has been designed to be the best; we hope our customers become friends, enjoying all we have to offer."