WARREN, NJ - Throughout the week of October 5 through October 9, all Warren Township Schools will participate in a “Week of Respect” to promote good character and positive school culture.  

Students and staff members from the four elementary schools will celebrate each day of the week by focusing on a specific theme, whether they are learning at home or in school. School Counselors from each of the four elementary schools, Mrs. Blessing-Maire (ALT), Ms. Pech (Central), Dr. Stankiewicz (Mt. Horeb), and Ms. Pranzo (Woodland) have created videos that will introduce the special day as well as the activities that students will participate in.  Each day the following three questions will be discussed;


What does the word RESPECT mean?

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What are some ways we can show RESPECT?

Why is it important to show RESPECT?


School Counselors will emphasize the importance of students showing respect to their families, friends, teachers, school, and most importantly to themselves.   


On Monday, students and staff were invited to wear a tie or scarf to signify unity. Ms. Pranzo emphasized the importance of virtual respect and how to be a good digital citizen.  All students in grades 3 through 5 listened to the story, “The Technology Trail” by Julia Cook.  

On Tuesday, the school community was invited to wear Red, White, and Blue to show unity in the fight against bullying.  Dr. Stankiewicz reviewed the school’s anti-bullying rules and policies and shared the story, “Bully Blockers Club” by Teresa Bateman.


On Wednesday, Ms. Pech focused on encouraging students and staff members to have a positive mindset while also believing in themselves.  Pech reminded students that one bad moment during the day doesn’t have to mean that the entire day is ruined.  Students heard the story, “Kevin the Unicorn:  It’s Not All Rainbows” by Jessika von Innerebner.  Students and staff were invited to wear neon colors to represent their bright futures!


On Thursday, the theme will be “Individually Unique.”  Mrs. Maire will introduce the story titled, “Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun” by Maria Dismondy.  Maire will remind all students to celebrate and respect the differences that make each person unique.  Students and staff will be encouraged to wear mismatched clothing.  


To wrap up the week, Friday’s theme will be Team Work.  Students will learn that T.E.A.M. stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.  Students will learn the value of teamwork in school, at home, with friends, and during sports.  School Counselors will remind students to be good listeners, to be open, to work together, and lastly to have fun while working in teams.  


Anti-bullying messages will continue throughout the school year. Warren Township Schools’ parents are encouraged to contact their child’s school counselor should they ever have a question or concern regarding bullying.  Mr. Derek Ressa, the Director of Special Services also serves as the district’s Anti-Bullying Coordinator.  


Mr. Derek Ressa

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Board of Education Office

phone: 908-753-5300 Option 7

fax: 732-560-8801

Email Address


Mrs. Kelly Blessing-Maire

Angelo L. Tomaso School Anti-Bullying Specialist

Angelo L. Tomaso School

phone: 908-753-5300 Ext. 5305

fax: 732-560-8801

Email Address


Ms. Alyssa Pech

Central School Anti-Bullying Specialist

Central School

phone: 908-753-5300 Ext. 5205

fax: 732-560-8801

Email Address



Dr. Kelly Stankiewicz

Mt. Horeb School Anti-Bullying Specialist

phone: 908-753-5300 Ext. 5405

fax: 732-560-8801

Email Address


Ms. Alexandra Pranzo

Woodland School Anti-Bullying Specialist

phone: 908-753-5300 Ext. 5505

fax: 732-560-8801

Email Address



Ms. Helen Scully

Middle School Anti-Bullying Specialist

phone: 908-753-5300 Ext. 5007

fax: 732-560-8801

Email Address


Pictures courtesy of Warren Township Schools

1. Chase D'Annunzio stands in front of his class to help Mrs. Fishelman with the daily lesson.  

2. Skye Battiste shows off her scarf during math class.  

3.Matthew Holliss takes a quick break from his lesson for a picture.  

4.Sophia Barnas stops in the hallways of Central School for a quick picture.  

5.Dante Glynos sports his tie while reading a book in class.