WARREN, NJ  - Watchung Hills Regional High School senior Adnan Contractor is one example of learning outside the classroom. Contractor is now a published author.

With a passion for studying theoretical physics, a subject not offered by the high school, and inspired by “ Quantum Mechanics” by Stanford professor Leonard Susskind, Contractor decided to take Susskind’s advice from the preface of  his book. Susskind says,” the best way to learn about physics is to write about it.”

His teachers, family, and friends told him his writings could be made into a manuscript. So he did.

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Contractor shared his experiences at the last meeting of the Watchung Hills Board of Education during a presentation on Learning Outside the Classroom. 

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“Interdisciplinary learning is not a rare commodity at all,” Contractor said. “ In fact at our school it happens quite often because students are interested.”

“Banana Physics: A Young Physicist’s Guide to Understanding the Universe,”was published in February by New Degree Press.

The description of the book reads:

In an attempt to make theoretical physics fun, Banana Physics explains eleven concepts in the context of quirky banana analogies. It introduces the curious (and resilient) reader to quantum mechanics, the Standard Model of Particle Physics, general relativity, loop quantum gravity, and other ideas using monkeys, banana trees, monkey-banana-baseball, bananas shot out of banana launchers, and banana smoothie spills. Intended for high school or middle school readers interested in scientific discoveries and history, Banana Physics could illuminate principles and hypotheses to budding scientists, writers, engineers, or anyone interested in interpreting science through a different lens. This resolute, accessible framework assumes no prior knowledge of physics; instead it provides a humorous, playful perspective on sophisticated concepts that may delight a broader audience.By reading Banana Physics, you'll learn:Behavioral observations of light and explanations that have been written to account for these observations.How experiments of quantum mechanics have been explained in the context of probability. The central contributions of Albert Einstein and how they conflict(ed) with preexisting ideas of space and time held since Newton's time. The role of particle physics and electromagnetism in Einstein's research. Critical clashes between ideas of modern physics.

Board member John Fahy commended Contractor and got a laugh when he said he found Susskind’s book challenging. “ It makes me happy to see a high school student challenge themselves,” he said.

Board president Peter Fallon congratulated and thanked Contractor for presenting to the board.

To order the book, go to

Banana Physics: A Young Physicist's Guide to Understanding the Universe https://www.amazon.com/dp/164137179X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_bgt-CbGY9DKTB


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