WARREN, NJ - The Warren Township Office of Emergency Management has provided a timeline and Jane Asch at Warren’s Office of Emergency Management has updated storm recovery information as of 1 p.m. Saturday, March 10 with the following:



The most pressing issue is restoration of power. It may be helpful to understand the triage system both JCP&L and PSE&G are using. In rough priority order:

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1.) Remaining outages from storm Reilly

2.) Critical facilities, such as schools and special needs facilities

3.) Areas where a single repair can bring up many homes.

4.) More isolated outages.

For homeowners with downed power lines attached to their house: An overhead power line normally is tied to the house with a big metal ring up high on the side of the house. From this point, there is a heavy cable that descends to the meter.

If a downed power line detaches from the ring, it is the homeowner's responsibility (and cost) to replace/repair the ring and to replace/repair the descending cable. Also, if the meter is damaged or ripped from the house, the homeowner will need to repair/replace the meter pan and only then will the power company will replace the meter and attach overhead power.

The cable and meter pan must be done by a licensed electrician and requires a permit. During these sort of natural disasters, the town will generally allow the work to proceed without all the permitting paperwork being completed, but at some point, after the repair you will be inspected.

Only when the descending cable, ring and meter pan are repaired will the power company come and re-attach your downed line. For suburban residential homes, there's no charge from the power company to replace/repair the downed line from the street pole.

So... the homeowner can get going right away on their portion of the repairs and be ready for the first power company truck that comes a'calling.



All Warren roads leading down the hill to Rt. 22 are open. The remaining road closures are pending power company removal of downed wires in the road. These are::

1.)   Ferguson

2.)   Stiles between Old Smalleytown and Stirling Rd.

3.)   Wychwood for the entire length

4.)   Mt. Horeb one lane at Ravinn

5.)   Mountain View Lane is one lane



Residents without electricity may pickup up to $5 worth of free bottled water from Kings in Warren or Stirling and Shoprigte in Stirling. There is a pump at the snack shack at the Warren ballfield behind the Township buildings. Bring your own containers.



There is a warming, charging, WiFi center at the library from Sat. 9:30am to 5:00pm and Sun 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

YMCA Riverwalk, 665 Martinsville Rd. is offering showers and power for affected residents: Sat 6am-6pm, Sun7am-6pm, Mon-Thurs 5am-10:30pm, Fri 5am-8pm.



Internet, TV, and phone service restoration always waits until the power companies have made the lines safe in the area of downed lines. In addition, Optimum has distribution nodes (the grey boxes) on phone poles for every 30 or so homes. These require power. If the power is out on that pole, those customers will not receive Optimum service. Some Optimum poles are getting generators at locations where it is feasible.

As a stopgap for Internet access, most smart phones allow you to tether your WiFi computer and tablets to the phone's internet connection. This should be adequate for email, web browsing and Facebook. Video streaming is not advised.



Warren also has a radio station with similar information at 680 khz AM. We try to update the messages regularly. 


Thanks for everyone’s extraordinary patience. Wish we had more info about power restoration, and will relay any news as it comes in. Bundle up!

Please also report any power restorations to Warren OEM at:   https://goo.gl/forms/8rjuckcoQIs5xxN23 nixle.us/9YZH5