WARREN, NJ - Due to the malfunction of an electrical transformer on Valley Road in Long Hill Township, the east side section of Warren and parts of Long Hill Township are without power.  The power surge that occurred is similar to a lightning strike. 

Property owners have indicated that after the surge, smoke emanated from their electric outlets.  If this occurred in your home, it would be appropriate to contact a licensed electrician.  Homeowners may or may not have power to certain appliances once power is restored.

JCP&L crews are on scene and continue to assess the scope and cause of this outage.  They are also sending crews to several locations where there are reports of issues related to this outage.

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There are approximately 110 customers in Long Hill and 780 customers in Warren without power.  These customers are served out of the Stirling substation. 

Crews are beginning to return power to the circuits but JCP&L is not aware how long this will take.  Due to concerns raised by residents as to burnt outlets and extension cords in homes, JCP&L is being prudent and cautious and is returning the power very slowly in order to ensure safety during the restoration. 

Please contact JCP&L if you experience specific problems.  They can be reached at:  888-544-4877.