Dusting for fingerprints with Detective Joseph Casorio from the Warren Township Police Department was just one of the nine workshops that 4th and 5th-grade students from Mt. Horeb School and Angelo L. Tomaso (ALT) School were invited to participate in on the evening of Friday, November 15 during the highly interactive and informative Career Expo at Mt. Horeb School.  


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Students participated in two, thirty-five-minute presentations where they had the opportunity to learn from a professional about their specific job and the qualifications for the position. The highlight from each session was when the professional tasked the group with solving a problem or assignment that would likely occur during a typical workday.    


Dr. Anita Singh an Emergency Room physician took the futuredoctors in her session through the doors of an emergency room experience. Saloni Mehra of Mt. Horeb School had the opportunity to put a real cast on her classmate under the step by step guidance from Singh.


During a session with Dr. Renee Lippman, a pharmacologist, students explored the role of a community pharmacist. The students were challenged with assisting in the preparation of a mock prescription using skittles.  


Captain Kevin Kilpatrick, a Delta Airlines Pilot happily answered the many questions the students had for him, additionally, students learned to use the phonetic alphabet in order to gain clearance from traffic control.  


Students also heard from Mrs. Andrea Berez, a Nutritionist, Mr. Fred Grappstein, the Executive Vice President of Vornado Hotels, Mr. Dan Madinabeitia, Head of Brand and Design Global Marketing Central, Mrs. Celia Hayward, Director of Marketing & eCommerce and Dr. Stella Mellas, an Orthodontist.  


While the students were busy in workshops their parents were invited to an open discussion among panelists about the best way to raise children to be successful, resilient, gritty and kind. 


Members of the esteemed panel included Dr. Matthew Mingle, Superintendent of schools, Mr. Scott Cook, Mt. Horeb School Principal, Mrs. Wendy Piller, a veteran Warren teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience as well as the creator of the REACH program, Dr. Kelly Stankiewicz, Mt. Horeb School Counselor and Licensed Psychologist, Mrs. Megan Cook, a Licensed Professional Counselor with Watchung Psychological Associates and Dr. Howard Bash, Medical Director of Crisis Interventions at Morristown Medical Center.  


The purpose of this conversation was to gather a group of similarly committed experts and parents to talk about issues and apprehensions that many parents face in hopes of sparking good conversation, the ability to share good ideas, validate concerns and promote future dialogue.  


The Career Expo was a fantastic opportunity for students to learn from professionals who live in their community and to possibly ignite a passion for a future career path.  Piller, who organized the event, commented “the Career Expo gives students the opportunity to apply the subjects taught in school and connect that learning with the real world.  Each career professional presented an everyday, on the job situation they conceivably face at work.  Students were asked to remedy the predicament by using math, science, language arts, research or fine arts skills that they have been previously taught.”


The district would like to thank the volunteers who participated in the event and the families who attended.   


Photos are courtesy of Warren Township Schools


1. ALT students Madison Slater, Joseph Guerra, Charlotte Berez and Darrin Chen watch closely as Detective Joseph Casorio from the Warren Township Police Department explains how to dust for fingerprints.


2. Grade 4 Mt. Horeb School student, Saloni Mehra follows step by step instructions from Dr. Anita Singh as how to put a cast on her classmate during the Career Expo on November 15 at Mt. Horeb School.  


3. Dr. Renee Lippman, a pharmacologist, engages in a mock prescription preparation with skittles as ALT grade 4 student, Ava Baxter pays close attention.  


4. Captain Kevin Kilpatrick, a Delta Airlines Pilot was happy to answer the many questions from the students about his role as a pilot.