WARREN, NJ - Throughout the week of October 7 through October 11, all Warren Township Schools participated in a “Week of Respect” to promote good character and positive school culture.  Students and staff within the elementary schools kicked it up a notch by using each day of the week to highlight a theme.  


On Monday, students and staff were invited to wear a tie or scarf to signify unity. Tuesday’s theme was optimism.  Students and staff came to school in bright or neon colors to represent their bright futures.  School was not in session on Wednesday however students were reminded to practice gratitude and respect at home. Individually Unique was the theme for Thursday.  Students and staff mixed things up by dressing in mismatched clothing and some with funky hairstyles. Friday’s message was to be a team player.  Many students and staff came dressed in a school-specific t-shirt. 


Additionally, school counselors and administrators visited classrooms to discuss what respect means and how respect can be demonstrated towards families, peers, the community and the Earth. On Monday, October 7, grade 5 students at Woodland School participated in a tree-planting ceremony coordinated by the Woodland School PTO.  Principal Jeffrey Heaney started the ceremony by reminding students that respect must be shown to the environment as well as people.  

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Many teachers implemented lessons with anti-bullying messages.  At Central School, Mrs. Laura Lamson, Physical Education teacher worked in small groups with grade 4 students to answer questions about what bullying is and how to define respect.  Central Students will be creating their own anti-bullying logos which will be displayed as a reminder for everyone.  


At Warren Middle School an “Act of Kindness” tree is on display in the All-Purpose Room.  The tree was constructed by Art Teachers, Mrs. Jennifer Ronkiewicz and Mrs. Meryl Lettire under the leadership of Ms. Maria Mensinger, Assistant Principal. School staff is keeping an eye out for acts of kindness exhibited by either students or other school staff. Once identified, the name of the individual and the good deed is then added to a tree leaf for all to see.  


Anti-bullying messages will continue throughout October as Coach Randy Nathan, an anti-bullying expert and the President and CEO of Project NextGen is scheduled to deliver a special presentation to students in grades 4, 5 and 6 on October 16 and 17.  Coach Randy is trained in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  Students in grades 4 and 5 will learn what a bully circle is, common language and will be able to identify key factors and strategies to become an upstander.  Students in grade 6 will learn the power of their words, how to address cyberbullying and how to stand up for others.


The district has also invited Coach Randy to provide parent presentations on October 16 and 17, at Warren Middle School from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


October 16th - For parents of grade 6 students.  Coach Randy will raise awareness & knowledge on bully behavior, cyberbullying and social media. 


October 17th - For parents of Kindergarten through grade 5 students.  Coach Randy will provide awareness training, bully identification strategies and role modeling behavior.  


Please come out and learn some strategies and techniques to support your children.  


Photos courtesy of Warren Township Schools.


1. ALT students and staff are tied together with respect!  Students, Jake Mazzurco, Alessandra Purpora, Addison Roberts, Dante Glynos, Phoebe Goldman and Aaron Kamath stand proudly with their teacher Mrs. Deanna DeRoner and Paraprofessional, Mrs. Teresa Kuprat.  

2. Central School students Savannah Branco, Finley Coon, Lorenzo Gramaglia, Gavin Han, Michael Robinson, Luca Runfolo and James Botte are tied together by respect!

3. Woodland School student, Shane Stoddard is mixing it up with mismatched hair!

4. Mt. Horeb student, Anishka Suhas is sporting her scarf on Unity Day!

5. Mt. Horeb student, Jordan Fu representing Team Spirit in his Mt. Horeb t-shirt!

6. Woodland students, Laila Morin, Olivia Bello, Natalia Meixedo, Olivia Risoli and

 Lucas Cordova taking a turn during the tree planting ceremony.  

7 & 8 Leaves from the “Act of Kindness” tree at Warren Middle School.