WAYNE, NJ – For a parent with a young child seeking early education opportunities, there’s a brand-new option in Wayne. The new Everbrook Academy® promises a modern approach to early education like no other school.

With decades of experience, and more than 900 early education centers nationwide, Learning Care Group (LCG) is an industry leader, and the second-largest child care provider in the U.S. The brand-new Everbrook Academy is LCG’s premier early education experience, a modern, forward-thinking, technology-infused preschool. LCG chose Wayne Township for their flagship Everbrook Academy in New Jersey because of Wayne’s long reputation for quality education.

“Wayne’s schools have a well-deserved reputation for quality,” said Ilyse Negrin, the Principal of Everbrook Academy in Wayne. “We have that same reputation as an innovative, 21st Century preschool that prepares children for future success.”

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There are many reasons why parents will be choosing Everbrook Academy, but it all starts with their educational approach. Their curriculum can be customized to meet the needs and abilities of each individual child. These personalized experiences are powered by STEAM: hands-on, interactive learning that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.

Negrin believes this curriculum will give their students the foundation they need to be successful in Wayne’s quality public school system.

“We really promote modern learning techniques around problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking,” she added. “We want children to feel confident in themselves that they can solve problems happening around them.”

STEAM experiences truly come to life in the multi-age activity room that is the heart of Everbrook Academy. They call it The Brook.

“The Brook is designed for open-ended exploration,” said Dr. Susan Canizares, Chief Academic Officer for Everbrook Academy’s parent company, LCG. “This means children may enter The Brook and do something independently or they may engage in collaborative projects together. You'll see the beginning elements of math. Children can explore patterning and shape and color. You may see an animal habitat that brings science and math to life, as children care for their pet and think about feeding it and nurturing it on a daily basis.”

Through its STEAM-based approach, Everbrook helps young children believe in themselves as mathematical thinkers, as techies, artists, designers, and engineering experts. Everbrook Academy is a place where children are inspired to constantly be curious, to seek out new knowledge, and discover the path to a lifelong love of learning.

Now, more than ever, these educators know a key element of an early childhood experience is peace of mind for parents and families. They’re committed to keeping you connected, through live streaming video of your child’s classroom and a family communication app.

“We have a camera system installed in all our classrooms,” said Negrin. “We are completely transparent and very proud of what we offer. Live streaming video to any device or computer allows us to show that off and gives parents the opportunity to see their children learning and playing any time of day, which gives them a very big level of comfort.”

Plus, their family communication app offers real-time updates throughout the day, including photos and videos you can download, save, and share through social media. It also provides information about your child’s day: what they ate, when they slept, and more.

This can be especially important in today’s pandemic world. Parents, for the most part, have limited access to the school building. They are allowed only in common areas and not classrooms, to limit the chance of any spread of the virus. This is part of the response that LCG has established to keep children, staff, and families safe and healthy.

“We have put our experience to work and enhanced our already rigorous cleaning procedures,” said LCG District Manager, Karyn Cottrell.  “Before the pandemic, we already had a detailed cleaning system in place. There wasn’t a lot that needed to change, except to increase the number of times we clean every surface and how often children wash their hands. And, of course, we have a mandatory mask policy for all staff members.”

At Everbrook Academy there is also a special piece of equipment called the Zono Cabinet that can sanitize just about anything.

“It’s about the size of a refrigerator, and we use it to sanitize dozens of toys at a time, cots, cell phones, almost anything,” said Negrin. “This is another way we can help stop the spread of any germs in our school, even if it’s just the sniffles.”

Everbrook Academy is there for you and your child throughout the year. In the summer, Camp Everbrook offers fun and learning through a variety of camp themes, activities, and projects. And they’re not only committed to preparing young learners for elementary school, but also keeping school-age students on track with their studies. They also accommodate alternative school schedules and provide virtual learning support through The Prep LabTM.

This program for elementary school students is designed for children who attend Wayne schools on either the hybrid or full-virtual models. While their parents are working, Everbrook Academy’s teachers will guide students and support them as they navigate virtual learning from the public schools. They will ensure assignments are completed, questions are answered, and offer supplemental learning programs (including STEM projects) so these students are always kept engaged and learning.

Ready to learn more? Visit Everbrook Academy online and schedule a virtual tour today.