The beauty of this September 11, eighteen years later, reflects the beauty of the September 11 that we will always remember. The sun peeks through the canopy of leaves above the Wayne 9/11 memorial adjacent to the Wayne Public Library.  It’s a place of solemn peace. A place to remember, to reflect, to mourn.

Eleanor and Joe Afflito, whose son Daniel worked at Cantor Fitzgerald as head of the trading desk on the 104th floor of the north tower, sat in quiet reflection near their son’s plaque, thinking of him. “He was a good man,” said Eleanor. He was a good friend, a good son and a good father. 

Daniel’s legacy are his two children, the oldest (18) just started freshman year at Penn State, while the youngest (17) is a senior in High School.

The flag flies at half-mast over the memorial as do our hearts every year on this date.