Warning: Satire Ahead

WAYNE, NJ - This year, 2020 is continuing to show us its disdain for our lives. What did we ever do to it?  I don't understand why, but 2020 has been a little more cray-cray than other years; what, with a global pandemic and all. Followed by Murder Hornets (!), and a barely-held-together economy, based on debts and promises. Ha!  Thanks 2020!  What else you got?

Hurricane Isaias, Come On Down!

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Or really up, as the hurricane, which will actually be a tropical storm by the time it hits us (wait, isn't that what they said about Sandy?), is racing up the east coast as I type.  I better stop with all the extra detail and hurry, or it'll get here before I'm done.  

Yes, if you haven't heard, it's time to batten down the hatches and prepare for a visit by Isaias.  The Weather places are having a conniption!  The National Weather Services are predicting a trio of maleficence for tomorrow with a Tropical Storm Warning, A Flash Flood Watch, and in a fit of humor, a Hazardous Weather Outlook. Wait...you can have a Tropical Storm without Hazardous Weather? I never knew!

Good thing TAPinto is here to deliver the not-so-breaking news. We recommend a battening down of your hatches, and be prepared with flashlights, batteries, charged phones, laptops, milk and bread (gotta get the milk and bread!!), etc. You know what to do; this isn't your first rodeo. 

Who knows what side of the bed Isaias will wake up on tomorrow morning? This storm may end up being not much of anything, but it might also turn out to be a word that I'm not allowed to use here.

Stay safe, and for solace, you can read TAPinto all day from home tomorrow. 

PS: I was thinking that when that big blizzard hits at the end of December, this year, we will all celebrate because that'll be the last thing this year throws at us.  It'll be a great moment. Or, is that just the pessimistic optimist in me?