WAYNE, NJ – Mayor Chris Vergano provided a COVID-19 update during Wednesday night’s Town Council meeting. From February to March, new positive cases increased by more than eight per day, though there was a slight decrease in the daily average for the first six days of April.

Now that Wayne Town Council meetings are held once per month, Vergano has made a point to provide a monthly update at the beginning of each meeting.

He began with a comparison of new positive COVID cases for Wayne Township month-by-month.

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  • October: 154 new cases. Daily average: 4.97
  • November: 549 new cases. Daily average: 18.3
  • December: 1,116 new cases. Daily average: 36
  • January: 1,012 new cases. Daily average: 32.65
  • February: 558 new cases. Daily average: 19.93
  • March: 845 new cases. Daily average: 27.26

“I have to admit to the reporting is not exactly 100% current and on-time,” said Vergano. “Sometimes cases come in from a couple of weeks before, sometimes a month before. It all depends on what lab you go to for the testing.”

The Mayor also mentioned that in the first six day of April there were 130 new positive cases.

In March, the Township experienced four deaths due to complications from COVID-19.

“March 2nd, we lost a 96-year-old female,” Vergano reported. “We also lost a 69-year-old male. Then on the 27th we lost a 65-year-old female and on the 30th we lost at 67-year-old male.”

“Since we started tracking these over a year ago, on March 17th, 2020, we’ve had 6,034 positive cases reported from the Township of Wayne,” he said. “And we also have 210 reported deaths since March 17th of 2020. Our condolences go out to all these families.”

Vergano discussed COVID testing and the Township's vaccinatioin effort.  To date, Wayne has given out over 8,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine. 

COVID-19 testing is still being offered for free from Passaic County. To see their list of testing dates, click here.

Here are the links to get vaccinated locally:

Vergano then talked about Gov. Phil Murphy’s recent announcement that beginning April 19, everyone sixteen years of age or older will be eligible to receive a vaccine.

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Wayne Township gives out the Moderna vaccine, “which is only for those that are 18 years and older,” said Vergano.

The Pfizer vaccine is indicated for those that are 16 and older, but Wayne does not distribute that vaccine. This is not a choice the Township makes. They have been given the Moderna vaccine from the state Department of Health.  

Vergano’s advice for those who are 16 and 17 years old who want the vaccine is to try St. Joseph’s Hospital in Wayne or Chilton Memorial in Pequannock.
“They have been doing the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, so possibly they could do it,” said Vergano.