MONTCLAIR, NJ - Patients of Parabolic Performance and Rehab don’t have to worry about losing the progress they’ve made in physical therapy thanks to the early rollout of Parabolic’s virtual product, TelePT.  This remote physical therapy platform allows its doctorate licensed physical therapists to remain connected to their patients and continue to treat injuries in real-time; watching patients perform movements allows for therapists to make corrections and adjustments to their care plan as needed.  

“The lions share of any appointment is accomplished without the need for hands-on therapy.  Obtaining a history of the injury, observing limitations in movement, assessing progress and pain levels – this information can all be collected virtually and accounts for a big percentage of any traditional appointment,” explains Parabolic Founder and CEO Steven Frohlich.  “From there, our physical therapists draw on their extensive training to offer effective alternatives to hands-on therapy that our patients perform at home under their watchful eye where real-time adjustments can be made.” 

This is good news for Parabolic’s existing patients who began transitioning to the TelePT platform in early-March due to the social distancing requirements of COVID-19.   Yet, Parabolic recognizes that there are many prospective patients who are at home with movement limitations who could benefit from their TelePT product.  For instance, individuals who are post-operative but who have not yet begun their rehabilitation as well as Medicare patients who are managing degenerative conditions.  An at-home alternative offers access to physical therapy for individuals who are unable to drive to its five New Jersey facilities regardless of COVID-19 restrictions.  

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“We are excited about the potential of TelePT beyond current short-term social distancing restrictions,” adds Frohlich. “TelePT allows our physical therapists to be nimble whenever needed.  Inclement weather, work travel schedules, illness of family members, patients who are too remote to come into our facilities; our therapists simply switch to their virtual option to continue to treat their patients without disruption. This product is simply a natural extension of the suite of services that we provide to our patients.” 

Parabolic currently operates six state-of-the-art facilities offering performance training and physical therapy:  Montclair, Hackensack, Little Falls, New Providence and Wayne New Jersey. Parabolic’s primary goal is always the health and safety of their patients. For further information on TelePT offered through Parabolic Performance and Rehab please visit