Wayne, New Jersey has always been know for the generosity of its residents and their sense of volunteerism. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has once again come forward to provide for the needs of our front-liners, providing them meals at work and plants and goodie bags on their doorsteps as a way of letting them know we care and saying thank you. This moral support that is desperately needed when, on a daily basis, our front-line medical providers, EMTs and ambulance squads members face severely ill individuals and death as a result of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the lack of the necessary PPEs - masks, gloves, face shields and surgical gowns, to name a few - puts these heroes at incredible risk.

We should take the time to pause and think of some things our medical heroes and first responders can't do when they are severely ill with COVID-19 or God forbid, die from it.

  • Eat a meal with friends or family;
  • Hug their kids or their spouse;
  • Be with their family for a holiday such as Passover or Easter;
  • Go on vacation with their family;
  • Read a book to their kids;
  • Go to their church, synagogue or mosque;
  • Attend their child's communion, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding;
  • And thousands of other things.

And perhaps of utmost importance to us, they cannot care for those of us who become infected and severely ill.
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This may seem harsh, but it's the basic truth.

I ask that our community dig deep to provide PPEs.

Please join our group, Shoes 4 ICUs on Facebook to support this effort.

Please donate:
VENMO: Shoe4ICUs or 973-715-0986
PAYPAL: SHoes4ICUs@gmail.com or 973-715-0986
Or donate directly to our hospitals and first aid squads at these links below:

Wayne Township First Aid Squad: https://www.waynefirstaid.com/donate.php

St. Joseph’s University Hospital: https://support.stjosephshealth.org/covid19

Chilton Medical Center: https://www.atlantichealth.org/…/ways-to-give/make-gift.html

Let me take this opportunity to say “God Bless” to all of our many supporters who made the effort to donate supplies and to those who made the sacrifice to donate funds. There is no way to truly say thank you enough.

Shoes 4 ICUs