My name is Dawn Kumar and I am running with James Fera for the Wayne Township Board of Education on the November 5th ballot.  Because our my late entries into the race, we are running as WRITE-IN CANDIDATES--this means our names will not appear on the voting machine or mail-in ballot, but may be written in.

Who am I?

Although I have only lived in Wayne for two in a half years, previous to that I was a tenured Chemistry and Physics teacher at Wayne Hills high school for five years.  I graduated from Seton Hall University with a B.S. in Biochemistry (2008) and an M.A. in Education (2011). I was selected to participate in the Columbia University Summer Research Program where I researched in Professor Scott Banta’s lab and collaborated with other science teachers to develop curriculum following the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.  Currently, I am a stay at home mom hoping to raise my two year old son with strong values and a good work ethic. 

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Why am I running?

My son will attend Wayne public schools when he is five.  He will be one of the first classes of full day kindergarten--an important new development for the school district.  This brings me to the first reason I decided to run for Wayne BOE, to help with the implementation of Full Day Kindergarten.  There will be many budgetary considerations for this program to be executed properly, and I hope to be able to help guide the township.

I am also running for office so we may support, train and retain good teachers.  There are many factors that cause teachers to leave the profession and our school district. I hope to be able to lessen some of them.

Additionally,  I will make sure that the schools infrastructure is being maintained and improved.  I understand that the schools are expected to do more with less, but maintaining the buildings should be a top priority.

Finally, and most importantly, I want students to feel safe attending school and happily learning.  To me this means addressing traffic issues for walkers, providing programs that appeal to all children, and continuing to teach children to the highest standard using research based techniques.

Why a write-in?

There are only TWO candidates on the ballot for THREE open positions, citizens should be able to have a choice in their candidates.  I had always thought about running for BOE. I feel with my experience and passion for education I can help the Wayne Township Board of Education.  I also feel that James Fera shares my values, which is why we are running together. 

How do you vote for a write in?

Please see this video for instructions: and visit my page or James’ page on facebook for printable instructions.

Voting by mail is even easier, just write “Dawn Kumar” in the open slot for Board of Education. Just be sure to post mark your ballot by November 5th.

Other Questions?

Please visit @dawnkumarwaynenjboe on facebook or email me at

I hope you have a good day and VOTE on November 5th!

Dawn Kumar