My name is James Fera and I am running for the Wayne Township Board of Education. Because of my late entry into the race, I am running as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE--this means my name will not appear on the voting machine or mail-in ballot, but may be written in. 

Who am I? I am a four year resident and homeowner in Wayne. I have been working at a local company for the last seven years as a plant manager. I have three incredible daughters, two of which are attending Ryerson elementary school and one who will begin in a couple years. I have been a member of the Ryerson PTO for the last three years, since my oldest daughter began attending Ryerson.

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Why am I running? With two daughters already attending Wayne public schools and another one on the way, I thought it was incredibly important to have qualified candidates running for the BOE. I am a huge advocate of teachers and believe that a BOE needs to listen to our teachers, administrators, and parents when making their decisions. I am confident that I can add transparency and accountability to the BOE, which is a large concern of citizens and teachers I have spoken with. I have negotiated union contracts, dealt with employee conflict and managed a multicultural and multigenerational workforce. I have worked as a part of various teams and on many projects, with many different viewpoints and opinions. I believe all of these make me more than qualified for the BOE and also played a huge role in my deciding to run.

Why a write-in? There are only TWO candidates on the ballot for THREE open positions, citizens should be able to exercise their right to vote for a candidate, and I hope I can be that candidate. I had always thought about running for BOE. I feel with my experience and passion for education I can help the Wayne Township Board of Education. 

How do you vote for a write in? Vote by Mail or in person by November 5th, 2019. If you are voting in person, please mark the open slot for Board of Education until a green x appears and use the keypad to type in “James Fera.”. You can write in more than one candidate even with others running on the ballot, which is why I urge you to also write in “Dawn Kumar” following the same instruction as above.

Voting by mail is even easier, just write “James Fera” in the open slot for Board of Education and then in second write in spot write in “Dawn Kumar”. Just be sure to post mark your ballot by November 5th. 

Other Questions? Please visit @writeinjamesfera on facebook or email me at Jamesnfera@gmail.com