My name is Eileen Domico and I am running for the Wayne Board of Education as a write-in candidate. I am a 24-year Wayne resident and a degreed Accountant with 20+ years of experience. My husband and I raised our children in Wayne and both of them have benefited immeasurably from being educated in the Wayne schools (our daughter is now a sophomore at RIT and our son is a junior at Wayne Hills). I have been an active volunteer with the PTO and various parent booster and community organizations since my daughter was in Kindergarten and I have held multiple PTO Executive Board positions. 

I am running for the Board of Education because I believe our children deserve the very best education we can possibly give them and I feel I can be an asset to the Board in helping provide that. I have first-hand experience as a parent with all levels of our school system and I understand and appreciate the importance of a well-rounded education. I believe firmly in an educational model that includes a strong focus on academics and also offers a wide array of extra-curricular opportunities that allow our children to better develop and grow. 

I also believe our children deserve to be educated in a safe environment. While the district has implemented several measures to improve safety in our schools, there is more work to be done. 

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As someone whose career is all about finance, I am well aware that money plays a role in everything. It's no secret that our district has more than its share of financial challenges which often force us to make difficult choices. As a Board Trustee, I would do my very best to ensure we are spending our limited financial resources wisely, to provide the greatest benefit for all of our children, while striving to not over-burden the Wayne taxpayers. 

In short, my goal is to help continue to enhance and enrich the educational opportunities offered to our children, as well as increase the focus on their overall well-being, in a fiscally responsible manner, ensuring any programs we implement are sustainable, so they benefit all of Wayne's children now and in the future. 

Please click here for instructionspdf as to how to vote for me as your write-in candidate. It is important that you click the THIRD write in box on the ballot. If you're voting by mail, simply write EILEEN DOMICO in the open slot for Board of Education. Just make sure your ballot is post-marked by NOVEMBER 5th! Have other questions? Please email me at 

Thank you for your support!

Eileen Domico