Hello, my name is Anthony Minnella and I graduated from Wayne Valley in 2016.

I am happy that even though I am not present, I can still have my voice heard on this matter.

I want to begin by informing all of you that I have been playing soccer for majority of my life. What this mainly means Is that I have gone through countless coaches and mentors. I played all four years of high school and even throughout those years I played with four different coaches. But I was lucky to have Sam as my coach my senior year.

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I never had a coach like him, and I truly believe that he has made an incredible impact on who I am today. We had a lot of seniors on our Varsity team and every single one of us worked incredibly hard every day during the season. We did this specifically because we were pushed to our full potentials by Sam Roca.

We made it to the County Finals and to this day I remember his pre game speech. He wanted nothing more than for us to succeed, and to show everyone who was watching who we really are and what we have been working for.

In today’s world your achievements will only go as far as your efforts. Let’s say someone is attempting to push you to be better, to do better and to work to your full potential... but you don’t like it, you can’t just go above them and have them removed. If you want something you have to fight for it. You can’t have it handed to you, and this is just another example of a lesson that I have learned from Coach Roca.

Anthony Minnella, Wayne Valley High School Soccer Alum