June 8, 2021

4 graves, 2 graves each, available in the completely full and beautiful Greenwood Section, Lot #105 unit B, in the Laurel Grove Cemetery, Totowa. ( Asking $10,000 or best offer for all 4 graves. Normally would sell for $15,100 if purchased at cemetery. Any and all transfer and maintenance fees to be paid by the buyer directly to the Cemetery. Transfer must take place at Laurel Grove. 

The role of the HVIP (Hospital Violence Intervention Program) crisis intervention therapist is to help people in crisis who have experienced difficulties in navigating the challenges they face as a result of their violent victimization. Duties include counseling one-on-one with patients, documenting their situation and progress, working with other professionals involved in the case, helping procure services by working with other agencies, working closely with PHC team and more. The duties ...